Class Ring Found Denver Colorado

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College Class Ring Found In Denver

Snowball fights in the front yard can be fun for the person throwing the balls. Not so much fun for the person receiving those icy balls of snow. About the only time its no fun is when you throw that ball and you see your priceless college class ring go flying with the icy ball of snow across the front yard.

Renting a Detector to Find a Lost Ring?

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Compadre Metal Detector Rental

It’s not always the best idea. Metal detectors have a learning curve. A learning curve can take a couple hours to a lifetime of detecting to master top end metal detectors. If you have the time and the money for a rental, I’ll train you on the basics. But you need to start by contacting The Tenacious Treasure Tracker . You need people that have mastered the art of metal detecting, not a person working for a rental store that rents everything from carpet stretchers to concrete mixers.   Paul found out the hard way, by renting a detector from a rental store, not getting the info needed to understanding what the signals mean. A couple hours of digging holes in the front yard and just getting frustrated, not a good plan. Had he started out contacting Tenacious Treasure Tracker metal detector rental he would have saved himself time and money.

Ring Found in the Snow Denver Colorado

After a call to the Tenacious Treasure Tracker a trip downtown Denver to a beautiful old Victorian home. We met and Paul showed me how that snowball flew across the front yard with his College Class ring following right behind. After a 5 minute search we turned up that priceless College Class ring!


The morale to the story is contact the professionals!


Lost a class ring try out Class Ring finders at!

Wedding Ring Find Westminster Colorado

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Finacee Lost Ring in the Colorado Snow

Christmas is a time for family and when family is around it’s time for family photos. A perfect spot on Christmas night is outside in the falling snow. They all lined up in the front yard right in front of the pine tree all lit up with Christmas lights.  Brooke thinking it would be cute to grab a handful of snow and toss it up in the air. She found out that the cold snow in her hands was instant pain so instantly a quick shake of the hands to throw off the remaining snow on her hands. But it also threw off her priceless wedding ring. Into the glistening deep snow. They all froze to allow a quick search without disturbing the snow without stepping on it burying it even deeper.

Brooke Ring

Brooke Ring

Colorado Ring Finder to the Rescue

Shifting through the snow in the dark turned up only cold hands. Next step was to rent a metal detector and continue the search in the morning light. But it’s not always the best thing to do. Even though a Garrett 250 is plenty machine to find a ring in the snow, it does have a learning curve. After more than a hour searching turned up only bare spots in the snow but no wedding ring. The best decision is what was their next step. Contact someone that knows how to listen to the metal detector signals. A call to the Tenacious Treasure Tracker Ring Finder Service. We received the call and came to the rescue within the hour.  A quick 15 minute search I scooped away the snow just enough to show Brooke what lie beneath the good signal I received in the front yard at the spot she shook her hands in the cold snow.

Brooke and Ring

Brooke and Ring

Wedding Ring Found Denver Snowy Parking Lot

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No greater feeling when a Denver ladies wedding ring is found!

When a desperate woman calls and she’s at her wits end trying to find her precious wedding ring, its time for ring finders to roll.  She needs ring found Denver ASAP. No time for hesitation as precious moments are ticking away to recover the most important piece of jewelry in her life. It’s not about the money but the sentimental value, the symbol of their love that can not be replaced. As time goes by the deeper the ring get lost.

Ring Finders to the Rescue!

After a long day working in South Denver she ventures outside into the snowy parking lot. Start up the car to warm it up.  Hop out to clear the windows. As the snow falls she brushes the snow off her coat. You know that sinking feeling when you know something tragic has just happened. She feels the precious wedding ring has just left her hand! OMG A frantic search begins, in the dark and in the snow. After a several minutes she has to move the car around to position it to point the head lights in the area she thinks the precious ring has landed. That sinking feeling just sunk deeper, cause you can’t find the ring in the deep snow. Thoughts are swirling in her head. OMG What if they plow the parking lot? The next day with little sleep an internet search begins. A blog post has the Tenacious Treasure Tracker recovering a lost ring for a gentleman in a snowy parking lot in Denver last winter. Perfect, just what she was looking for. Quick email shot out for help. As we know, time is of the essence, a quick response gets us hooked up to meet in the parking lot.  Luckily the lot had not been plowed. But two cars are parked where the ill fated event happened. Searching around the cars in all the cracks turned up nothing. The cars need to be moved in order to continue the search.  She went inside to locate the car owners.  Search continued around the other side of the cars.  Then the detector sounds off with a good signal. Looking down, there is that precious wedding ring, found!

Ring Found in Denver

It’s the greatest feeling when you hand a lovely lady her precious wedding ring. You see it in her eyes as she tries to hold back an outburst of glorious tears. It makes a Tenacious Treasure Tracker’s day! It’s just a good feeling! Ring Found Denver

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Ring Finders

Ring Found Denver Snowy Parking Lot

Cindy Truly a Tenacious Treasure Tracker!

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Hunt #4 was found by Cindy Bockenstedt.


Just after posting 3 questions and a single photo, Cindy was able to search all of north Denver area parks and found the right park.  Sherwood Hills Park in Thornton Colorado. With no other clues as to the location of this tiny coin and after several hours searching bang that loud ring in the head phones. The park is a 6 acre park. How do you find a 1″ coin in a park that size in just a few hours? Truly a Tenacious Treasure Tracker!!

Heirloom Ring Found by Tenacious Tracker

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Received a late night email last evening from a gentleman that had lost his Gold Ring with his Family Crest.  I responded with my contact info and to call me.  James rented a detector and ask a couple other gentleman to help him search. They all searched for a couple hours first thing Sunday morning.  I was concerned the next day because I had not heard from James about searching for his ring.  Getting home after a morning treasure hunt at another location I sent a email to James to see if he had found the ring or if he still needed my help to recover his priceless family heirloom.  I received a quick response that their morning endeavor had come up empty handed.  I responded with when we could do a search and James wanted to do it as soon as possible. We agreed to meet in 30 minutes on the soccer field to start a new search.  James got me up to speed on the events that happened up to that point. I took a look at the field to access my starting point of my search grid. Lining up with the north goal post I headed straight south following the mowed grass lines.  After a few steps my detector sounded off with a promising signal.  I parted the grass to see a gold ring buried in the top soil. As I stood up I yelled to James that he should have called the Tenacious Treasure Tracker first as I had found his ring.

TenaciousTreasureTracker Finds Ring

Tenacious Treasure Tracker Finds Ring

Cindy Finds The Hunt #2 Coin

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Congratulations to Cindy Bockenstedt!

Cindy is truly a Tenacious Treasure Tracker. After one look at the treasure map and she was on her way to solving the maps secrets in one hour! Congratulations!


The treasure map lead Cindy to Clement Park in Littleton. The coin was buried 4 or 5 inches in the ground in between shelter number 1 and shelter number 8.  The coin was surrounded by 4 sets of two stacked pennies to form the “X” that marked the spot. For Cindy being a tenacious treasure tracker she was awarded $100 cash, a T-Shirt from the Tenacious Treasure Tracker Shop and a trophy donated from Creative Awards.



Congrats again to Cindy on being a tenacious treasure tracker!

Hunt #2 Quick Recovery

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Evidently my treasure map was too easy to figure out. Because the coin for The Hunt #2 was recovered on the first day of the hunt. Didn’t even make it to the next weeks new clue. The winner to be announced shortly.  I guess we need to make things a tad harder for the next hunt coming up in July.  Trust me it will be much harder. Happy Easter to everyone. Should be a great weekend for treasure hunting or egg hunting!

Joe Lost Fathers Ring But Found

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Joe is a big kind hearted man.

Big Joe Ring Aurora

Big Joe Ring Aurora

You have to be, to open your home to young teenagers. Joe was on the back porch when he sees one of his roomates walking home in the park behind their home. Joe hadn’t thrown a snowball in years wasn’t sure what drove him to do it that day. Joe packed a snowball and heaved it towards his roomate in the park. You know that sick feeling when you know you just did something you shouldn’t have. He felt his fathers priceless wedding ring go flying. Problem was he didn’t see the ring at all, he had no clue what direction it went. Joe and the guys all dug for hours in the back yard. Joe eventually went to the store and purchased a small metal detector to help search. After 5 hours of searching and a mine field in his back yard, Joe decided he need to call a professional metal detectorist. Joe decides to call Tenacious Treasure Tracker and after we spoke Joe and I met a 2pm to search before the snow storm come in that afternoon. After a 10 minute search we found the ring. Big Joe was overwhelmed and I swear a tear was shed as he gave me a hug in relief.

Joe's Father's Ring

Joe’s Father’s Ring

Wedding Ring Found Snow Packed Lot

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Oscar was unloading a zombie killing video game on a snowy Friday night at a South Denver Bar when he noticed that his gold wedding ring was no longer on his finger. After searching with the temperature well below freezing in snow 6 to 8 inches deep, Oscar found it impossible to find his ring.  Headed home to explain to his wife of the events of the evening, Oscar spent the evening on the couch and in the dog house until he found his symbol of his love for his wife.  A taste of the dog house over night, Oscar went back to the bar the next morning to find the snow was so hard packed and icy from the shade of the building that he need to get some professional help. After a call to the Tenacious Treasure Tracker Oscar and I searched the frozen parking lot after 15 minutes we found his priceless wedding ring buried in the hard packed snow.

Oscar Lost Ring

Oscar and His Ring


Hunt #1 In The History Books

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Congratulations to Bill Chapman with Gold-N-Detectors for finding “The Hunt” coin. The coin was located in Martin J. Schafer Park in north Denver. I planted the coin with several pennies around it and a galvanized 6p nail and pop top planted above the coin. Bill mentioned that he only found one penny near the coin. Let that be a lesson to whom ever picked up the pennies and the nail then failed to check your dig hole for other items.  It cost you $100!  I would imagine that Martin Schafer park has been hunted clean!

Tenacious Treasure Tracker’s “The Hunt” #2 will start April 1st.